Is Your Car Repair Team Using Aftermarket Parts? Why Some Drivers Prefer OEM Parts

Dodge parts oem

Recent motor vehicle safety reports indicate that drivers can expect to be engaged in a minor collision every 17 years or so: hitting a deer, skidding into a stop sign on an icy morning, or tapping the bumper of another car on a highway. Thankfully, serious collisions are rare: only three out of every 1,000 accidents requires medical attention. Insurance companies often cover the cost of car repairs, but if a driver wants OEM parts sourced by the manufacturer, they may have to pay an additional fee.

Parts specialists
report that they tend to avoid ordering directly from dealerships and manufacturers; aftermarket parts tend to be less expensive and may be equal to or better than OEM equipment, technicians report. Drivers who lease their vehicles may find that they are required to order OEM parts for certain repairs or risk forfeiting their deposits with the company.

In 21 states across America, vehicle repair specialists can quote drivers an estimate without having to specify whether they are going to use OEM Jeep parts, for example, or aftermarket replacements. Drivers who prefer OEM equipment may want to specifically request their repair team to order parts directly from a dealership or vehicle manufacturer.

Factory Jeep parts may take longer to obtain, since they often must be ordered by repair specialists. Although OEM parts tend to be more expensive, they are often accompanied by a one-year warranty, experts report. Genuine Jeep parts — and other brand names — may be worth the investment to drivers who have a more flexible time frame in mind for their vehicular repairs.

In general, auto repair teams are governed by the availability of parts, but can also generally accommodate an owner’s request for OEM parts. Factory Jeep parts — or any other brand of car or truck — may not be covered by insurance policies, but online information should be available to drivers who find that they have been involved in an unexpected collision.

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