How To Use a Paint Kit To Transform Your Car

Are you looking for a paint kit for your dodge? An automotive touch up can cost you at an auto center; however, kits are available for do it yourself jobs. With a bit of prep work and the right tools, you can have any problem areas covered in no time.

What You’ll Need

In order to properly assess your touch up paint options you’ll need to get some equipment.

  • Lots of heavy duty sandpaper, or an electric sander.
  • Masking tape and newspapers for masking.
  • An air compressor and spray gun.
  • Face masks to prevent inhaling particles.
  • Paint thinner

If you’re after a paint kit for your Dodge truck, you’re going to need around one and a half gallons of base coat paint, four gallons of top coat, and three to four gallons of a clear coat. Whereas a Dodge Charger, for example, will need one gallon of base coat, three gallons of top coat, and around two to three gallons of clear coat. If you are just doing a spot touch up, you will need much less than this, but as a reference these are good numbers to keep in mind. Additionally, if you are primarily looking for touch up paint and need to match your car’s color, the code for your car’s exact shade can be found on your compliance plate.

Area Preparation

Make sure your work area is free of dust and debris that could hinder the application process. Wash the car thoroughly to make sure the surface is free of dirt, oil, of grease. The paint needs a clean surface to adhere so it will last as long as possible. Mask the areas you don’t want to paint, and make sure that area is completely sealed and covered, you don’t want any splatters, or dripping to ruin these spaces.

Strip the Surface

Begin sanding the surface in circular motions, if you are using an electric sander keep in mind that corners and other awkward spaces may need to be treated by hand. To achieve the best results sand down to the metal body, and make sure the result is smooth. This can be a time consuming process, one that may make it worth investing in an electric sander. Once this is completed wipe the body down with a thinners to remove any particles, and then wait until dry to continue onto the next step.

Prime Before Painting

When purchasing a paint kit for your dodge, make sure to read the instructions on the paint to insure you are mixing the right amount of thinner and primer, as it can vary depending on the type. You should hold the gun about 6 inches above the base and spay in a side to side motion. It’s important to only hit the trigger while moving to avoid build up at areas when you go to change direction.

Once this is done begin applying the primer in thin coats, usually two to three are recommended for a covered surface. Let is dry for the specified time, before moving on. You may also want to lightly sand the surface, as the primer will have a power like finish. Once it is smooth again, proceed to painting.


Mix the paint with the appropriate amount of thinner and apply it with the same side to side technique you used for the primer. Three to four coats is recommended depending on the size of your vehicle. Once covered and dry, repeat the same with the clear coat. After this you can remove the masking, and let everything dry. If you find any imperfections after, sand the area and respray for a flawless result.

Whether you are looking for a paint kit for your Dodge
, Ford, or Hyundai, any car or truck, a great looking result can be achieved with a little hard work and elbow grease. If you need a touch up, or a complete makeover, don’t be afraid to grab a car touch up paint kit and make it a weekend project.

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