Driving Safe while transporting cargo

Do you own a truck or pick-up truck?
Do you have an interest in kayaking, or do you currently go kayaking?

Retractable truck bed tie downs for kayaks along with other cargo can be cumbersome to initiate.

Many citizens of the U.S, may be unaware of how to tie cargo to a truck bed.

For instance, AAA conducted two-thirds of the 200,000 crashes in a four-year study, were cargo being improperly secured.

Not only that, but they also conducted the debris of those crashes caused 500 deaths and 39,000 injuries.

So for any new or old kayak owners, here are some tips on retractable truck bed tie downs, or ring bull tie downs.

Chains and Hooks
One common issue with kayaks not being tied properly stems from the weight of the chain or hook.

This is also known as the weakest link theory.

The theory suggests that if a truck owner is using a 4000-pound chain with a 3000 hook, they may run into some problems, or in other words, it’s only as strong as its weakest link.

This theory is also connected with the Work Load Limit (WLL).

According to the WLL, the calculation of an MBS or Minimum Breaking Strength, which means the hook needs to be as strong as the chain, otherwise, it will break apart.

Drivers need to make sure they know the weight of the hooks and chains they are purchasing or borrowing.

The cause of a lot of cargo detaching from the truck may be due to the weight of the hooks and chains.

The hook is unable to support the weight of the chain and it breaks.

Cargo Straps, Racks and Pads.

Strapping a kayak to your pickup truck can be tedious, especially if you are by yourself.

With two people, it’s slightly easier.

First things first, you need a rack to place the Kayak on.

Next, make sure you have pads, when placing the kayak on the truck.

The pads are there so the kayak doesn’t move around when the truck is in motion. With another person, place the Kayak top down on the rack.

One person can grab the front of the kayak and the other can grab the back.

When strapping up the kayak to trucks bed, make sure it’s securely fastened.

You can check the stability of the kayak by rocking the truck back and forth.

If it doesn’t move, it was a success.

Some straps or truck tie down straps can be cheaply made, which presumes a problem while transporting cargo.

It’s highly recommended that you try to attain unmarked webbed cargo straps.

In good condition, they are known to hold a 1,000 pounds.

Perhaps Bull Ring tie downs?
If you’re not into retractable truck bed tie downs, then perhaps try bull ring tie downs.

Bull ring tie down installation is fairly simple.

Bullring tie downs are compatible with all major truck brands such as GMC, Chevy, and Ford.
They are not that difficult to install because most trucks already have the ports for the bullrings installed.
You just have to insert the bullrings in the port.

The instructions for tying don kayaks is relatively the same.

Hopefully, this information was helpful. Transporting anything with a lot of weight can be difficult
. Moreover, most are uneducated on how to tie it to their vehicle, which can lead to devastating results.

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