How To Choose The Best Brake Controller For Your Trailer

Considering the number of road accidents involving trailers each year, it is important that you have the right trailer brake controllers. Unfortunately, the problem of having the best brake controller does not apply to trailers only. Auto parts sellers are often confronted with the question of what is the best type of brake controller by car owners. Whereas there is no direct response as to what is the best type of brake controller, there are factors to guide you make the right purchase for your vehicle. Ideally, a brake controller acts as the link between the truck’s brake pedals to the brakes of the trailer being towed. For a person who has just acquired anew trailer. You might be wondering what is the best type of brake controller available in the market today. Before choosing the controllers, you need to first understanding the braking system of your trailer as well as the different types of trailer brake controller solutions. Remember, your towing safety will largely depend on having the right trailer brake controller.

Types of Trailer Brakes
It is important to note that not all trailers braking systems require controllers. Trailer brakes are of two types. There is the surge brakes that use an automatic hydraulic braking systems. For trailers that have surge brakes, it is the vehicle’s own momentum that pushes against the hydraulic cylinder when the driver steps on the towing vehicle’s brakes. This means that the surge brakes do not require any controllers for them to function effectively. The other type of trailer brakes is the electric trailer brake. In terms of trailer brake controls, these brakes need power to operate hence use the electric power from the vehicle being towed. The electric braking system on trailers requires a trailer electric brake controller since it needs activation before starting to operate. The trailer brake system has different types of brake controllers. The most common are the rv trailer brake controllers that connect the electric trailer brakes to the tow vehicle allowing the driver to control the brakes.

What Is The Best Type Of Brake Controller For Your Trailer?
If you are wondering what is the best type of brake controller, the best trailer brake controller will largely depend on the type and purpose of the trailer. Take into consideration the trailer that you will be towing as well as the frequency of travel. If you will be towing heavy cargo such as construction material or livestock, your best option for electric brake controllers for trailers should be the proportional brake controllers. This type is best suited for heavy cargo since they are able to perform smoother stops thereby minimizing stress of the cargo. If your trailers are lightweight in nature, the best trailer brake controller is the time-based trailer brake controller. Time-based brake controllers are perfect for people who do not travel a lot and whose cargo will majorly be lightweight such as a pontoon boat. The time-based brake controllers are affordable too but not very appropriate for commercial trailers. This means that when trying to find out what is the best type of brake controller, the above factors should help you decide.

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