Garage Door Maintenance Tips for Your Home

There are two ways to maintain and care for your garage door. One, you can hire someone along the lines of a professional garage door installation company, or two, as our attached video demonstrates, you can save yourself the time, money, and hassle of hiring someone and do it yourself in less than thirty minutes. The good news is that maintenance for electronic garage roller doors is easier than you think, it only needs service once or twice a year, and virtually anyone can do it.

For anyone who is the DIY type, this isn’t a very challenging project and only requires one tool, a can of lubricant, and some cardboard. Using only a socket wrench and armed with a can of good basic lubricant, the video above shows how to quickly and simply tighten up and lubricate our garage doors.

Video Source

What most garage door companies call a tune-up and charge upwards of $100 for, you can do yourself with a little time and effort, and save yourself an unnecessary expense.

Don’t forget to work safely, and feel free to use a spotter in those areas where a stepladder is necessary. Good basic maintenance for electronic garage roller doors will help ensure reliability, improve performance, and add to the life of your garage door and its components (springs, rollers, etc.) for years to come.


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