Dealing with a DUI

The unfortunate truth is the the roads of the United States are not always safe. Impaired drivers, especially those who are intoxicated or distracted, are serious hazards to themselves, other people, and to property, and many statistics are carefully gathered every year to keep track of road incident trends. Not all people who drive impaired are caught and arrested for their crime (given how many people drive drunk every day), but those who do will have strict countermeasures taken against them to ensure that they will not repeat this offense. This can rage from a car breathalyzer device to an interlock placed on the offender’s car to an interlock cup for sale, and this, in addition to fines and rehabilitation programs, can greatly reduce the odds of a given offender choosing to drink and drive again. Drinking and driving is a common problem on the roads today, but if a car breathalyzer device can be installed in an offender’s car, that may mean one less dangerous driver out there.

Getting a DUI

Often, the law will accuse a person of DUI based on that driver’s blood alcohol content, or their BAC. It is generally demonstrated that a driver whose BAC is 0.08% or above who gets into a fatal car crash is six times more likely to have had a prior DUI conviction than drivers who had no alcohol in their systems at the time of collision. In fact, drivers who plan to drink before or during their car trip should be aware that often, a DUI charge can be brought against them even if their BAC is under 0.08%, depending on the state in which they are pulled over. Common wisdom also holds that even driving “buzzed” is very dangerous and should never be attempted. After all, every day in the United States, some 28 people are killed, whether other drivers or pedestrians, as a result of drunk driving. And many more will be injured due to drunk driving, and there may be a lot of property damage involving other cars, trucks, motorcycles, street signs, street light posts, and railway guards.

A person who faces a DUI charge will have a court date and will face criminal charges of DUI, and if applicable, charges for crashing and injuring other people. For this, the accused will often enlist the aid of a criminal defense lawyer, and this attorney will argue on his/her client’s behalf for softer terms of punishment, and this can sometimes mean reducing or eliminating time in jail or prison for countermeasures against further drunk driving. A car breathalyzer device may be one such solution, among other things such as a fine, community service, ignition interlock devices, or other measures.

A Car Breathalyzer Device

Having a car breathalyzer device installed in the offender’s car will mean that he or she may continue operating their vehicle as before, but with added conditions that they breathe into the device to prove that they have no alcohol in their system, and delicate sensors in the breathalyzer will check the contents of the user’s breath. If the test comes out clean, then the person’s car may start, and they can access the ignition and begin driving. Every so often, the driver will have to use the breathalyzer again to maintain that their system is clean, and if they fail, they may have to pull over before their car shuts down. And of course, if the person fails their breathalyzer test to begin with, their car will not start, and a locking system on their ignition will prevent any use of the vehicle. In this way, a driver compromises with the authorities that they may continue driving as they please, given that they are carefully following the law, and they forfeit the power to use their car if they are violating their court terms.

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