Always Wanted a Fancy Racecar? Why Not Build One Yourself?

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If you enjoy racecar lore and researching the types of cars used on the racetrack, you might also be interested in a hands on activity that could give you your very own racecar! Replica car kits are fairly popular and a great way to build the car of your dreams yourself! It can also be a good activity to do with children or a good friend as a way to spend time together or bond. One of the most popular car kits is that of the Cobra car kit. There are seeveral Cobra kit car manufacturers that offer kits for sale so you can get started on creating the coolest car in the whole neighborhood.
What Are Replica Kits?
Replica kits are designed so that the average person could make what is called a “kit car.” The manufacturer — say, Cobra kit car manufacturers — sells parts to a consumer that he or she then builds into a car. They’re usually replicas of a car that was popular on the racetrack or older cars that are popular for their look or functions.
The kits can come in a range as well — anything from a book of plans to a comprehensive unit with all the parts required. It’s a great do-it-yourself kind of project that people can take on with a little handyman knowledge and the right parts. Like previously mentioned, the Cobra (especially the AC Cobra kit) are especially popular to recreate.
What’s the Background Behind the Cobra?
Carroll Shelby is the man behind the Cobra. Between 1962 and 1968, he built over 600 small-block Cobras and over 300 big-block versions. The original Cobra was called the Cobra Mark I and used a V8 Ford Windsor engine. They were known for being especially lightweight — many racecars or roadsters could weigh up to almost 3,500 pounds, but the Cobra weighed significantly less. They were originally designed to beat the Corvette produced by Chevrolet, weighing 500 pounds less than the Corvette at that time! However, horsepower was not sacrificed in the lightness of the car — indeed, an AC Cobra Coupe reached speeds of almost 190 miles per hour at a British roadway in 1964.
Why Are Cobra Replica Kits So Popular?
The AC cobra replica kits are so popular because the Cobra itself was well known for being one of the best performance sports cars in history. Actual Cobras are rare and have as much as a seven figure price tag on them — something most people can’t afford. Cobra kit car manufacturers give Cobra enthusiasts a chance to own the car without paying an exorbitant amount. Moreover, the Cobra replica kits have been shown to withstand the test of time. Many car fads come and go, however, Cobra replica kits have been in hot demand since the 1960s when it first came out. People feel more justified in spending the money on a car they know will still be relevant and desired years down the road.
Follow your passion of creating a great car and try your hand at a replica kit!

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