A Basic Guide to Used Car Shopping

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Not many of us have favorable impressions of used car dealerships. And yet many of us in search of cars for sale are likely to turn to a pre owned car dealer in search of our sweet new ride for purely financial reasons. If you’re in the market for pre owned cars this new year, here are some things to consider while shopping around. Understanding these factors will help you distinguish the good-faith dealers with high-quality vehicles from the salespeople trying to push lemons off on you:
The type of car you buy is still relevant even when you’re looking at pre owned cars. Some of you probably already have your heart set on a Chevy, for example. And no wonder — they cover two thirds of the world and one is sold in this country every 6.5 seconds! We even sing about Chevys! (American Pie, anyone)? Well, did you know that you can find used car dealers who deal exclusively in the brands you want? That’s right — there are used Chevy dealers, used Subaru dealers, you name it. We highly recommend finding a specialty brand dealer if you’ve already narrowed down your brand decision, as they are likely to have more variety within the brand you want. And for those of you who haven’t decided yet — it’s time to do some point to point comparisons.
2. Mileage
Obviously, the fewer the miles racked up on a used car, the better. However a good rule of thumb for mileage is to avoid buying a car with more than 110,000 miles on it, no matter how shiny the new paint job looks. Also in general, 12,000 miles a year is considered the average mileage.
3. Price and financing
Understanding the true market value of a car can be difficult. What’s more, a lot of people who deal in pre owned cars expect you to negotiate the price down (something many new car buyers do not know). One way to empower yourself in this regard is to check out Kelly’s Blue Book online, which will give you a general idea of a car’s possible value. Also if you can, have the short list of cars you are considering checked by an independent mechanic and get their estimate. Furthermore, make sure you understand the fine print of any “good” sounding financing offers. Pay close attention in particular to the rate of interest.
4. The car’s history
This is a biggie a lot of people overlook. Fortunately, we still have those Car Fax commercials on television to remind us to be smart! If the car you’re considering was in an accident, that’s information you’re going to want to ask about. The dealer may not be so forthcoming, so be your own advocate and ask about this upfront or check Car Fax and/or Autocheck using the Vehicle Identification Number located on the car’s dashboard.
We hope this makes your incumbent search for pre owned cars a little less daunting. Please if you have any additional search advice, share it in the comments below!

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