3 Events Perfect to Rent a Party Bus

Stretch limo rental

There’s not a whole lot of things better in this world than getting all your friends together and having a time you’ll never forget, even if you don’t remember all the details. One of the best ways to enhance this kind of experience is with a party bus/limousine rental service.

The taxi and limousine industry generates an estimated $11 billion of revenue annually in the United States. From 2009 to 2014 alone the industry grew by an estimated 3.2%. As awareness of and penalties for things like drunk driving have increased over recent years more people are making the better choice of hiring someone else to drive them places for events and activities that feature alcoholic beverages.

With that in mind, here are three events that are perfect for hiring a party bus.

  1. Wine Tour: A classic adventure for many older folks has become wildly popular with the younger 20-something generation as well. Not only do they provide the opportunity to sample different wines from the region, they also are a great time to converse and have a good time with friends. Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to partake if you decide to use your own vehicles and drive.

    Even worse would be someone driving that’s also drinking. Avoid this entire situation by hiring a party bus or limo service and professional driver that can provide shuttle services between the different wineries.
  2. Bachelor/Bachelorette Party: Party buses are a great and affordable option for group transportation rentals for bachelor or bachelorette parties. Again, instead of worrying about who’s going to be designated driver everyone chips in and a party bus or limo rental service can be a great value. The extra bonus is there’s a good chance the driver will know the area well and will be able to help you decide where the next bar or stopping place should be for a good night out.
  3. Prom Night: Disclaimer: In no way is this an endorsement of underage drinking. That being said, it inevitably happens with or without parental consent. Instead of worrying about your son or daughter making the right choices hiring a party bus to bring a group to and from prom and the other activities of the night is a great way to put your mind at ease.

Party buses are a great way to hang out with people, especially if there’s the chance drinking will be going on. Try looking into one for your next social event!

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