Why You Should Support Minority Owned Dealership

Minority owned dealership

Minority owned dealerships are often overlooked due to economic inequality. However it?s sensible to say that a minority owned dealership plays a major role in the car industry as well as the country?s economy. This is what consumer activism is all about. It?s more than just boycotting a brand or company, it includes purchasing your next family car, sport utility vehicle, buick suv, or what ever kind of vehicle you want from a minority owned dealership. The importance of this action has been explained by numerous activists, and scholars around the country for years now. Buying your car from a community focused car dealer or minority owned dealership strengthens the community. It is a great way to reinvest into your community as a way of circulating your dollars into a minority group who might need it more than a privately owned car dealer or a chain owned by a major corporation.

The amount of consumer power of minorities is a huge chunk of the american economic system. However they are often not able to benefit from that spending since they themselves purchase vehicles from other groups. There?s a major revenue gap between a minority owned dealership and one that is not. To help close that gap it?s important to think of supporting a minority owned dealership as a way of bridging that gap and leveling up the playing field a little bit.

According to research, while thirty percent of all vehicles in the United States are bought by minority groups, only about five percent of the car dealerships you see today are owned by a minority group. In all of the 18, 000 new car dealerships in the America, only about 1,228 of those are minority owned dealership. The recent recession in the country has caused a dramatic drop in the amount of minority owned dealerships out there. A huge chunk of those dealerships that closed were also family orientated car dealer. When something like this happens it not only hurts the minority group but also the car industry of the entire country. Providing a more balanced support allows minority groups to continue supplying the demand of more vehicles. That means more spending across the board and ultimately more success for all the different car brands out there.

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