Why You Need to Use the Right Motor Oil in Your Car

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Are you using the right kind of motor oil in your engine? There are a bunch of motor oil types, so you might want to make sure you have the right kind in there. Using the wrong kind of motor oil or not changing it regularly can open the door for all sorts of disasters, destroy the performance of your engine, and even lead to the downfall of your car. If you don’t know the recommended motor oil for your car, you should find out.

Knowing what motor oil to use and how much of it to use is as important as anything when it comes to the performance of your engine. Motor oil is made from petroleum based and non petroleum synthesized chemical compounds, and is used to lubricate engines so they don’t overheat, and allows them to perform the way they are supposed to. Importantly, motor oil does not wear out, so recycling it saves a valuable resource.

The disposal of used motor oil should only be done by professionals, and needs to be done a certain way. If you know the motor oil facts, you would know that just two gallons of used oil, if properly recycled, is enough to run the electricity of an average home for 24 hours.

All in all, it pays to make sure you are using the right motor oil in your engine. Sometimes, you can just look at the motor oil bottle and read the motor oil facts to find out what engines that particular brand or version of motor oil is best suited for. If you use the wrong kind of motor oil or you don’t get your oil changed enough, you can wreck your car, so it really makes sense to stay vigilant. Read more blogs like this.

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