When Your Church Needs a Bus, Will You Lease, or Buy?

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If your congregation has never had a church bus before, but is considering one now, then there are plenty of great reasons to go forward with it. A church bus can ensure that even the oldest members of your congregation can still take part in services and extra programs. If there are special events or outings, your church can provide the transportation and allow them to be safely included in all activities. Having a church bus can also help with outreach, as it will allow church staff to provide transportation to Sunday school, and give more families the opportunity to take part in your congregation.

Unfortunately, wanting a church bus is one thing, and getting it is another. There are advantages to either purchasing a used shuttle bus for sale for your church, or going through bus leasing companies. If you are at that stage of consideration, then here are several things to consider before you decide on purchasing a used shuttle bus, or leasing one.

  • Used shuttle bus for sale.
  • If you search for a church bus for sale online, you will find that there are many to choose from. Some are brand new, and some are used, but there is an advantage towards choosing a used shuttle bus for sale. Consider how many miles you will put on the vehicle each year. Most churches put 5,000 miles or less on their bus, and modern bus engines can last well into 400,000 miles or more. Choosing a used shuttle bus may be the more economical choice as it will cost less, and also be likely to last your congregation for many years.

  • Leasing a church bus.
  • If you are lacking for options among sturdy used buses, leasing a church bus can get you a newer, safer bus, at an affordable rate. Leasing can allow you better selection in terms of seating capacity, handicap accessibility, and other capabilities. Leasing gives you the option to trade in for a better bus eventually, which depending on the needs of your congregation, could be a deciding factor.

Whether you purchase or lease a bus, make sure to have a church transportation policy in place to protect the driver and passengers. Also, consider that you might use your new or used bus for church transportation during most times, and in the off time use it for assisted living buses for a local assisted living community. As the local congregation it is up to you to make sure your members are safe, and your community is supported. A church bus, leased, or bought, is an excellent way to do just that.

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