What’s Happening to the Diesel Fuel Industry?

fuel injectors“The tide has been turning against diesel for some time,” said Peter Wells, a professor at Cardiff Business School in Wales who follows the auto industry. “This will make matters even worse.”

Wells is referring to a recent dieselĀ fuel injectors scandal that has rocked the entire auto industry — across the entire globe.

According to The New York Times, Germany was the most recent country that was hit with the latest diesel fume scandal.

“In light of the diesel scandal, forbidden collusion creates a kind of super meltdown for the credibility of the German auto industry,” added director of the Center of Automotive Management, Stefan Brazil.

Some cities are even considering full diesel fuel bans until the scandal is under wraps and no more noxious fumes are causing harm to individuals around the world.

“We always have price pressures in our industry,” said Wolfgang Schaefer, Continental finance chief in Germany. “We expect no particular changes this year from what we are used to.”

Reuters reports German politicians and car executives agreed to update the software involving diesel fuel injectors in order to cut pollution. The upgrades will be made to roughly 5.3 million cars and should cost about $1.18 billion.

Continental has been focusing on AI technology lately and will focus on that much more in the near future as they continue to fix their diesel fuel issues.

Since the diesel industry can be quite complicate, especially when it coms to diesel fuel injection systems, it’s best to consult with a professional market official if you have any questions pertaining to either the current state of the industry, the future of diesel and its impact on the auto industry, and what the dangers are of improperly using diesel fuel injectors. Speak with a market official if you want to learn more and avoid direct exposure to any fuel if you aren’t a trained professional.

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