Using An Armored Car

For some professionals and public figures, safety from harassment or assassination attempts means not only having armed guards escort them to public areas, but it also means having an armored truck or car, or even a limousine, that will transport them. American presidents, the Pope, major athletes, politicians, diplomats, and embassy workers, among others rank among those who could make use of a SWAT van, an armored SUV, or any other armored car or truck to protect their person. Some famous examples of this work exist, and for anyone who feels the need for this service, that person may hire drivers and purchase or rent such vehicles as they choose. Finding a bulletproof truck for sale, for example, may involve contacting the right people in the security industry or automotive industry (or both), and finding a bulletproof truck for sale can set any high-ranking person’s mind at ease for when he or she must travel. What are some standard features of these vehicles and their drivers? How popular is this industry?

The Need for Defense

The industry of protecting high-ranking people in a bulletproof truck for sale, or SWAT vehicles for rent or sale, has seen modest growth in recent years, and has established itself as a staple for personal defense. In the last five years, for example, the Armored Transportation Services sector grew 2.8% up to the year 2018, and in that year 2018 alone, this industry grew 1%. As of that year, about 100,000 armored and bulletproof vehicles are believed to be in service around the world, for world leaders, diplomats, and more. The Pope, for example, has used such a vehicle ever since a failed assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II in 1981, and American presidents typically use them as well. One particular armored Cadillac limo, nicknamed “The Beast,” was used by former president Barack Obama and is now used by President Donald Trump. This vehicle has impressive armor that measures five inches thick to protect any passengers from weaponized attacks. The concept for armored vehicles in fact dates all the way back to Leonardo da Vinci sketches from 1485, but today’s bulletproof glass, armor, anti-explosive features, and communications equipment are very much modern inventions.

Using This Service

A person interested in finding a bulletproof truck for sale, used armored vehicles for sale, or renting an armored car can reach out to specific industries, companies, and other channels to obtain such a vehicle, as well as the trained professionals who will drive them. According to Study, there are some requirements for someone who wishes to become an armored vehicle driver, and this may shed some light on how well the industry works. First of all, although a potential driver will only need a high school GED or diploma, this driver must have certain skills such as decision-making, awareness, effective communication, and knowing how to use both a motor vehicle and firearms.

Someone who wishes to become an armored truck driver must have clean criminal records and driving records, and have a valid driver’s license and be above a certain age, often 21, but sometimes a little lower. What is more, such a driver must also be licensed by their state’s licensing authority as armed guards, and this may involve completing courses on law enforcement, as well as passing a criminal background check. What is more, the potential armored truck driver should have licenses from their home state for carrying firearms, and may have to pass a firearms course if this has not been done already. Finally, becoming certified for career advancement can help someone become a more effective and reliable armored vehicle driver and security agent in the future.

Finding a bulletproof truck for sale or a used SWAT armored van will probably mean inspecting this vehicle in person with trained experts to make sure that the vehicle is ready for use. Experts in armor plating, ballistics, explosives, and other relevant fields should look over the armored vehicle for sale in person, and check it to make sure that everything is up to the buyer’s standards and requirements, not to mention any industry standards or requirements. A vehicle with faulty communication gear or outdated countermeasures to explosives, for example, might not be desired.

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