Using a Valet Service Adds Elegance to Your Event

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Event valet parking might seem like an unnecessary expense, but it can be an excellent addition to a special occasion. Hiring a valet parking service punctuates your event with an elitist feel and projects a sense of elegance to your guests.Here are three key reasons to hire valet parking service:
The Impression
Valet service makes people feel special, plain and simple. Events where valet service is offered tend to be thought of as fancy, and people have put time and energy into dressing and preparing for it. High heels, display jewelry, designer dresses and suits; who wants to schlep ten blocks from the municipal lot? Honor your guests for their effort with something that will make their experience easier and more enjoyable: let someone else sweat about parking the car. Especially in winter.
The best valet services are teams made up of professionals that have been properly trained and are able to handle the heavy load. They should be versatile — able to handle events big and small, casual or formal, fun or serious. Good valets have been trained in handling guests with care, so you can rest easy that everyone is being spoken to respectfully and that the parking and retrieval of their vehicles is being smoothly expedited.
People feel very strongly about their personal ties to their cars, particularly if they choose to drive a high-end vehicle. Allowing others to park them, especially when they contain valuables, requires an investment of faith and trust. However, the alternative — leaving the car in an unfamiliar location during an event when thieves may prey on parked cars — is even more daunting. Allow your guests the extra peace of mind that parking solutions via event valet parking can offer.
When looking to hire a valet car service or parking management company, always cover all the bases to make sure you’re using a reputable service that both you and your guests can trust.
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