Understanding the Basics of Auto Body Repair

Auto Body Training Solutions presents a video that addresses auto body maintenance service. This video was created to reach a wide audience in the auto body maintenance service industry. Auto Body Training Solutions travels to auto body shops to provide technical training to technicians.

The focus of this video is work hardening on sheet metal. The video takes you through a step-by-step process with visuals to help the viewer understand how to properly address work hardening on sheet metal.

Video Source

Any auto body maintenance service shop can benefit from watching this detailed video.

Dents are identified in the video and common mistakes that are often made in addressing the repairs are also identified. Different types of dents require a different approach to work hardening. The video outlines what mistakes can be made and how those mistakes will impact the results.

Learn how to work out the stress in sheet metal without making the work hardening worse. Additional videos in the series cover tool selection and how to effectively work different types of dents out. Watch the video to learn more about identifying dents and common mistakes to avoid in working the dents out.


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