Top Things to Check for When Buying a Used Truck

When the average price of buying a new truck is $40,696, it makes sense why so many people would opt to buy a used truck instead. However, when almost a third of all vehicles with open recalls go unfixed, you have to wonder what you might end up paying later down the road when buying a used car or truck. Here are some of the main issues to ask your truck dealer about or check for yourself when buying your used truck.

Gas or Diesel: Check Your Fuel Type

When talking to your truck dealer about your vehicle, make sure to double check what type of fuel it uses if you don’t already know. If your used truck does run on diesel, it might end up costing more to maintain, especially if it already has 60,000 miles or more. For diesel trucks, check for any fuel or oil around the coolant cap or overflow reservoir; this can be a sign of several expensive problems for your newly purchased truck.

If It Isn’t Broke: Previous Repairs To Your Vehicle

Take a good look at the engine and other components of your new car or truck before you pay for it. If there are any signs of previous repairs, it’s important to be sure that they were done correctly. Otherwise, it may break down sooner than you’d expect, and that’s sure to cost extra to get it fixed properly. Make sure to look underneath your truck as well!

See How It Runs: The Test Drive

If something feels off during your test drive, your instinct is probably right! Try to stay aware of the braking, steering, and acceleration during your test, and be sure to try out as many terrains as possible during your test. Ask your car or truck dealer about any issues you encounter during your test drive, and make sure any questions you have are answered before you sign anything.

Who Drove It First?: Proper Background Checks

Before you drive your truck off the lot, it’s best to know who’s driven it before you and what they’ve had done to the vehicle. Check for service records on the car; they will give you an idea of how many owners the truck or car has had before you, or if there has been any significant damage to the vehicle that might not be as apparent after some repairs.

The Bottom Line Before You Sign the Dotted Line

In order to make sure you’re getting the best deal on your used car or truck, it’s important to ask your car or truck dealer all the right questions about your vehicle. It’s better to know what issues may surprise you beforehand, instead of purchasing something that will need repairs that would end up costing more than buying something new altogether.

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