Tire Tips for Your VW Car

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There are a lot of cars on the planet. By 2015, approximately 74.4 million cars were sold. By 2020, they are expected to top 100 million. Volkswagon is a very popular brand of car. IN 2014, they produced about 10.2 million cars. Most cars will have three owners during their lifespan.

If you have a Volkswagon and you want to keep it running like when you brought it home from the car dealership. You may know the importance of properly maintaining your tire pressure but you may find yourself in a position to change a tire. The process will not be as challenging if you follow the following steps. You can cut your gas mileage by about 3% when you make sure you take care of this.

  • Get everything together. Park the car This is important. If your car moves when you are in the process of changing your tire that can be very dangerous. Gather up all of the items you will need to change the tire. You will need a spare tire, tire jack a tire iron of wrench. You will need that to loosen the bolts on the tire and then tighten them up again. Make sure everything is working correctly. Many cars have a bolt keeping the spare tire down so make sure you remove that before you try to pull out. You should find out about that before you start working on your car. Not knowing that can lead to a painful experiece.
  • Lift the vehicle. Put the jack under your Volswagon. You can check with the car services or car sales office if you are not sure where you can safely place the tire jack or you can check the owner’s manual if you are not sure. This is one area where you should be careful as you can be injured or worse if this is not done correctly. You can also damage the vehicle’s suspension with this step. Be mindful to raise the jack on as much as you need to. The tires need to be on the ground. Take your wrench or tire iron to the bolts. This can be a challenging task so do not hesitate to give it your all.
  • Lift the car more and change your tire. So you have the bolts all loosened. Take the jack and raise your car until the vehicle is off the ground. Be careful to put your bolts in a secure location so they do not get lost. You should be able to slide the wheel off of the hub and put it aside. Put on the new tire and tighten the bolts.

While you are focusing on your tires, you can keep the rims look like that they looked when your Volkswagon was a new car. You should clean your rims at least once every two weeks or more when there is bad weather or the driving conditions are bad. This will go a long way in preventing your rims from rusting and is a good habit to get into.

Have the car dealership apply a sealant. This is a more expensive but can be very effective at preventing rust on your rims. The upside is that this needs less maintenance.

A cheaper option for rust prevention on your rims is rustproofing spray. This is a very cost effective way to keep your tires free from rust. This is a thin oil spray that will keep rust from forming. You do need to periodically reapply it but that is a very easy to do. Your tired do to even have to be dry when apply it.

Proper maintenance of your Volkswagon will keep you out the shop and in your car. Part of that is properly maintaining your tires. Not only will you keep your gas mileage lower but will make you proud of your car. There are some easy things you can do to keeping your car looking and driving like it did when you drove it off the lot. Unfortunately, flat tires do happen. It is impossible to avoid all problems with your car but you can manage them better.


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