Tips for Buying a Used Car

The ability to purchase a used car for a smaller price than something brand new is great for people on a budget. There are plenty of wonderful used car dealers out there who are trustworthy and have a great stock of vehicles at affordable prices. However, there are also plenty of less than savory places where you can end up with a problem-filled vehicle that is nothing but trouble.

Used cars are wonderful if they’ve been properly cared for and they can save you a great deal of money. Below are some tips on safely shopping for used cars so that you get a good deal that won’t leave you stranded on the side of the road.

Always Read Reviews

Before purchasing from a used car lot, you should take time to read reviews on their business. If people have wound up with bad cars there in the past, chances are they will have left an angry review about it. You want to look for a place who has more positive reviews than negative. Even great places sometimes have a couple of poor ratings, but so long as the good heavily outweighs the bad you should be okay.

Test Drive the Vehicle

Another tip is to always say yes to a test drive. It gives you time to get a feel for the vehicle and play with all of its functions to make sure it works properly. It also gives you a chance to listen for odds sounds, identify strange smells, or experience any shortcomings in the handling of the vehicle.

Bring a Mechanic With You

If you know someone who is mechanically inclined when it comes to cars, it is wise to take them with you on the test drive. Not all problems will be immediately noticeable, but they can pop open the hood and take a look to make sure everything looks okay. They will be able to identify more hidden issues for you that you may not have seen until after you bought the car.

Ask for Vehicle History

Another precaution you can take with pre owned vehicles is to ask for the history of the car. Most legitimate dealerships will have the background of the car on file so that you can identify any past problems, such as previous accidents or a rebuilt frame.

Take Your Time

When looking at used cars it is wise to take your time. You don’t want to jump on the first vehicle you see just because it’s in your price range. Compare mileage and prices as well as the reputations of the dealerships to make sure you are getting best possible deal.

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