Time For An Oil Change? Some Facts About Motor Oil

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Is it time for you to get an oil change? How do you know when to change your oil and what is the best motor oil to use? Generally a car owner is supposed to do an oil change every 3000 miles, or when the oil looks dirty. It is good to check your oil before and after a long car trip. Different car engines use different types of oil. Motor engine oil comes in different grades of viscosity, which basically refers to how thick the oil is. According to the Society of Automotive Engineers scale of viscosity for motor oil types, the grades from low to high are 0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50 or 60. It is best to check your car manual or in newer cars, your oil cap to see what kind of oil is recommended for your car.

It can be confusing to try to figure out which among the motor oil suppliers you should buy oil from. It is best to know some motor oil facts. There are many places where you can buy oil or car oil change locations. The best place for an oil change is a place that sells a high quality oil. Look for motor oil manufacturers and motor oil distributors that meet American Petroleum institute Standards. Motor oil suppliers that have good API ratings will have a symbol of approval on the label. The API service symbol “Donut” and the certification mark “Starburst” can be found on API licensed API motor oils. Motor oil suppliers that do not have those markings may be inferior products, and if you use oil from motor oil suppliers that sell a lower quality product it can affect your car’s performance over time.

It is important to sue the right amount of oil in your car and to check your oil levels frequently. Too little oil can cause damage to your car from too high oil temperatures, because the engine heat is more concentrated. Too much oil can cause the crankshaft to get into into the oil, which churns air into the oil and causes foaming and uneven oil pressure.

Motor oil suppliers in different countries have varying standards in oil manufacturing. In Europe, 50% of the motor oil is re-refined, as opposed to 10-15% of the oil in the U.S.

When changing your own oil, be sure that you dispose of it properly. It should be put in a clean plastic container with a tight lid, and not mixed with any other substance.
When choosing among engine oil change places, check to see where they dispose of their oil. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency tells us that approximately 200 million gallons, or 757,082 liters of motor oil are illegally dumped every year. In the long run it will pay to take care of the earth while we take good care of our cars!

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