Three Common Questions About Hybrid Batteries

Hybrid battery repair

One of the biggest concerns that anyone thinking about buying a hybrid vehicle has is the lifetime of the battery and the eventual need for replacement. This is a legitimate concern, but these days it shouldn’t be as big a source of anxiety as it used to. Here are three common questions about hybrid battery replacement costs and warranties.

1. How long do hybrid batteries last?
A hybrid battery warranty is going to vary from state to state, but the most common length of time and mileage is eight years or 100,000 miles. Research does show that batteries in hybrid cars usually do not last even this long — they usually only last around six years. The good news is that hybrid cars have been on the American market for about 15 years now, so technology is advancing and the support industry is as well.

2. How much does hybrid battery replacement cost?
Hybrid battery replacement can run the vehicle’s owner somewhere between $3,000 and $4,000 dollars. This can cause a lot of anxiety for hybrid owners since the cars cannot run without the battery and in some cases batteries in hybrid cars die unexpectedly. Though it may be tough to guess when a battery will fail, owners should remember how much hybrid fuel economy saves them at the pump.

3. What are my options if my hybrid battery dies?
Since there have been improvements in hybrid battery technology and the industry that supports it, there are a few different options that owners have for hybrid battery replacement. The first is to buy a brand new battery from a dealership. A second option for purchasing new is to buy it from a third party aftermarket provider. Otherwise, owners can look into either reconditioning or remanufacturing of the battery, which are both less expensive than buying a new one outright.

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