Three Bus Manufacturers to Consider for Your Next Church Bus

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Purchasing a church bus is a rite of passage for many ministries. It means that you have grown to a point that you can be responsible for providing safe transportation for your congregation. Senior centers and assisted living communities as well are taking a big step when they begin to provide transportation to the elderly members of their community. Whether you are looking for a bus for sale for your assisted living community, or your church, it is important to know the various makes available.

There are three popular types of used buses for sale that you might consider.


You should not have any trouble finding Starcraft bus sales from a distributor, as Starcraft is reportedly North America’s largest shuttle bus manufacturer. The company has been creating transportation products since 1903, but did not participate in the shuttle bus industry until 1998. Because their specialty is providing buses for assisted living and senior centers, all of their buses are available with anti-bacterial and anti-microbial fabrics that are stain and odor resistant. They offer a number of options in terms of wheelchair lifts, luggage storage, and comfortable interiors.

Glaval Bus

Did you know that Glaval Bus is owned by the same parent company as Starcraft? One popular bus for sale is the “Prime Time,” which is available as a 15 passenger van, but also with fewer seats if more wheelchair accessibility is required. Their buses and vans come with scores of chassis, paint, electrical, safety, interior, exterior and luggage storage options.


The E Series of Ameritrans buses carry up to 25 passengers, and like most manufacturers, they can provide a wide variety of floor plan and seating configuration options. Their specialty is comfort for the passengers by way of added amenities, and a smooth ride. If you are interested in premium amenities for your community, Ameritrans is a smart choice.

Finding the perfect bus for sale will be easier if you have an idea of the needs of your community. Also, having in mind a make and model that might meet those needs will cut down on the searching process. Starcraft, Glaval Bus, and Ameritrans are all popular choices, but companies that sell and lease buses will have valuable input and suggestions that might also play into your considerations. Remember that there are varying floor plans, safety enhancements, accessibility options, and amenities that, in the right combination, will create an ideal bus for your community.

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