The Pros And Cons Of Import Tuning

Benefits Of AMR Performance Tuning Parts

As demonstrated by AMR Performance, import tuning is something many car modders are interested in, and it has exploded in popularity in the past couple years. Import performance parts have pros and cons, and here we will cover both accordingly.

Benefits Of Import Tuner Parts

One of the biggest draws of these replacement parts is the affordability of the performance boost. That doesn’t mean turning can’t easily get expensive, however, having the ability to upgrade a relatively cheap vehicle to the level of a high tier sports car without having to drop $100,000 dollars is very appealing. Improving the performance of your vehicle can be a very rewarding experience, that can not only increase the enjoyment of driving, but can serve as a personal achievement that you can proudly show off to your friends. Tuning can also offer additional safety when traveling at high speeds, and getting into the hobby of modding can open up connections to others who share your enthusiasm for cars.

Choosing to install aftermarket parts, cannot only improve the safety and performance of your vehicle, but it can give you the option to completely overhaul the vehicle to make it your own. There is no end to the amount of customizations you can install to make your ride truly unique.

Downsides of Import Tuning

Unfortunately, as with everything, there is always a downside, and one of the biggest that comes with tuning is the effect it can have on resale value. You may spend thousands of dollars souping your car up to be exactly what you want it to be, but those modifications, and boosts to performance, often times don’t equate to an increase in resale value. In many cases modified cars will often face resale offers much lower than a standard unmodded vehicle. While this may seem ludicrous, the reason behind this is that the deviations and ‘quirks’ installed by modders go against what the manufacturers researched ideal. In addition to the fact that the custom vehicle is seen to have less mass appeal, after having been tuned to the modders personal tastes. Modding is a rewarding hobby, but selling the vehicle in the future is often a headache. In addition to future selling problems, insurance premiums may be higher for modded vehicle.


As demonstrated by AMR Performance, thousands of Americans take part in import tuning and car modding. Despite the downsides of selling, you should not be dissuaded from pursuing modding. Overall it has the potential to make your car not only exactly what you want, but safer, with better performance. It is a shame that dealers don’t take the effort and benefits into consider if you go for a trade in, but then again, a car like this can be a lifelong project, that you can spend years and year working on and improving. The possibilities are endless, and AMR Performance is one of many sites where you can get inspiration, parts, and tips if you are just entering into the world of car modding.

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