The Big-Name Celebrities That Are Riding Motorcycles

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Just two years ago, Americans registered as many as 9 million motorcycles — and interest in motorcycles is only increasing. Even so, some of us need a bit of a nudge to finally make it to motorcycle dealers. If motorcycles’ improved safety features, relatively low cost, and incredible fuel efficiency won’t do it, you may want to consider this: dozens of celebrities have been spotted riding motorcycles, and — with a little confidence and attitude — you can look just as cool.

Hollywood Is Riddled With Motorcycle Enthusiasts

There is no shortage of bikes in Hollywood. Brad Pitt, Ewan McGregor, and George Clooney have all been spotted riding their favorite motorcycles in LA — or sometimes even on vacation. Pitt, for one, is well-known for his preference for Triumph Victory bikes and Triumph USA dealers, and — more specifically — for his passion for custom-made motorcycles and classic or vintage models. Who else rides a motorcycle? Well, let’s just say that Hugh Laurie, star of Fox’s House, M.D., is not only known for riding a motorcycle in character or on the show. Laurie is a real-life motorcycle enthusiast. Although, he typically can be seen riding a more conservative, Triumph bike (something of a departure from House’s bike with all the whistles, bells, and frills, including hyper cool flame decals).

Women Like Motorcycles, Too!

Of course, the notion that only men ride motorcycles is completely outdated — and you will see more than a few famous women at Hollywood’s motorcycle dealers. Some of the most notable women motorcycle riders include Elizabeth Taylor, Jillian Michaels, Jewel, P!ink, and Pamela Anderson.

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