The Basics of Four Cylinder Cars

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Many four-cylinder cars vibrate while they are idle. This can be a worrying and annoying experience for car owners. This video explains why cars do it and whether or not you need to bring your automobile in for cylinder repairs.

Again, most four-cylinder cars vibrate in idle. Some do not. They are built with specialized engine parts that prevent the car from vibrating and maintain a smooth ride. This is an especially common feature among early 21st century Honda Accords. Instead of a simple timing belt, these vehicles utilized an additional belt that held an anti-vibration shaft.

These special anti-vibration systems have a few drawbacks. For one, they require more energy and so reduce the efficiency of the car. They also decrease horsepower and cost more to put together. However, for simple sedans made for commuting, it’s a decent feature and won’t cost an arm and a leg.

Normal four-cylinder engines vibrate because they’re smaller and only have four cylinders. The more cylinders you have, the smoother the ride. If you have a car with 12 cylinders all balancing each other out, you will have a very smooth ride.

If you have a four-cylinder engine and experience vibrating, it’s no cause for alarm. It’s simply the make of the engine.

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