Take Care of Your Car by Periodically Checking Motor Oil Levels

Motor oil standards

If you drive a car, you know how important it is to check your motor oil level periodically and to buy motor oil when necessary to replenish these fluids. This is why you must know how to use a dipstick to ascertain whether or not you have enough motor oil in your vehicle. This is done by seeing how much oil is left on the dipstick once you remove it.

Sometimes it is thought that motor oil goes bad. This is not true. In actuality, it simply becomes less clean, which means that it needs to be recycled properly. If the motor oil is not recycled and instead is put into a lake or other body of water, scum can form on the surface, effectively keeping oxygen and sunlight from getting in. As a result, frogs, plants, fish, and other living things may die.

And with 3.7 billion gallons of motor oil being used throughout the world in 2009 alone, the negative effects on the environment can be substantial and require close attention. Nowadays, people buy the best motor oils available in plastic containers. But before the 1980’s, various motor oil types could be found in metal cans, glass containers, and cardboard cans.

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