Surprising Facts About the Versatility of Golf Carts

Vehicles like golf carts are not only driven on the golf course. People might primarily use them there, or they may use them to ride to the nearby golf shop. That said, these are relatively fast motor vehicles that are entertaining to ride. Someone who wants to try a golf cart four wheeler will have to wait for a sunny day, as golf carts and similar vehicles won’t offer the weather protection that people can expect from cars. However, these vehicles are particularly fun to use on hot days for that reason, since riders will be able to enjoy the breeze easily.

Customers interested in purchasing golf carts can look for a golf cart garage location online. The golf cart garage phone number should be accessible there. There are plenty of golf cart manufacturing companies that have vehicles with more specialized features than you might guess.

Golf carts may or may not look like they’re simple on the outside. It’s possible to modify them. People also like to decorate their golf carts and make them look more unique. The seats of various golf carts might look different. Some golf vehicles might have more storage space than others. Customers can think about the golf cart characteristics that they find important and select one.

As common knowledge would have it, golf carts are a great way to maneuver around ?-what else– a wide golf course, what with their reasonable speeds and sizes. For this reason they may seem like a bit of a niche interest and it might not occur to most people, golfers or not, to buy a golf cart for personal use. The truth is, golf carts are much more versatile than their name might suggest, perfect for short distance (but too long to walk) travel and transportation as they can carry a reasonable amount of cargo. Be it a deluxe golf cart or pre-owned golf cart, these underrated vehicles deserve a second look.


A virtue and appeal of the golf cart is its compact size, ideal for safe, short-distance travel on an expansive course. An average cart is around four feet wide by eight feet long by six feet high; it?s powered by a four stroke engine and weighs about 1,000 pounds in total. As for capacity, an average cart can take as much 370 pounds, though it may differ for a model more complex like a deluxe golf cart. As many as 10 passengers can load up in the bigger models of cart, though in some smaller models it may only allow as much as two.


Widely known is the fact that golf carts don?t go terribly fast, making them a safer option of transport on an open course. The average cart can reach top speeds of about 15 to 25 miles per hour, just depending on make and model. Their modest speeds can be more appealing to the safety conscious. However, if a modified deluxe golf cart is altered to go 20 miles or more at the top speed, they are treated legally as motor vehicles. It should also be noted that golf carts run on batteries, each of which last a collective total of two to three days. This is a shorter duration than a tank of gas for a car, but perfect for the modest transport that golf carts offer.


As previously stated, golf carts are primarily known for performing short distance transport across golf courses; however, they are eligible for driving in many other places and situations as well. Their size and safety lend them well to situations in which a car would be too big or dangerous. In many states and districts, golf carts may be driven on streets with speed limits 35 miles per hour or less. Some communities are especially welcoming, like the Florida retirement community ?The Village?, which has an extensive golf cart trail system and is friendly to carts maneuvering on the local streets.

It can therefore be concluded that golf carts
are a great, safe and legitimate way to get around in and out of the golf course.

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