Regular Maintenance to Prevent Semi Truck Repairs

On the Dan Klepper YouTube channel, associated with Sawaya Fleet Service Inc, they discuss maintenance tips for semi trucks. The video is titled “Top Ten Truck Maintenance Tips.” One of the first tips is to keep the tires inflated at the proper air level and to check them regularly. Low tires lead to flats and blowouts. Semi truck repairs should include tire balancing and alignment because vibrations wear out parts and tires and the back end should be balanced and aligned, too. Another tip is that trucks need excellent quality tires that endure long-distance driving.

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To avoid serious semi truck repairs, drivers should do a Pre and Post-trip inspection. They should look for leaks in the tires and unusual noises before starting out on their run. The clutch should be checked as it is a major device needed to run a truck. All trucks should have regular oil changes as recommended by the manufacturer. This will avoid some unnecessary semi truck repairs due to engine problems and other issues caused by low oil. Regular tune-ups after so many miles are important to keep your truck running well. When traveling, it is recommended to slow down when possible. Speed is often the cause of tire wear.

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