Paint Touch Up Kits Can Keep a Car Looking Its Best

You have always said your son was an interesting combination of traits. At times, your son seems like a carefree high schooler ready to face any challenge, some traits resembling your approach toward life. At other times, your son is particular about every detail, mirroring traits of your husband. A generous graduation gift of a used Jeep has been the latest way that you have noticed your son’s varied approach to life. One night he is out mudding with his friends, showing off his Jeep. The next day he is concerned about a couple of scratches on the door and is intent on ordering a color specific Jeep Wrangler touch up paint kit.

In the past, your family has mailed a holiday newsletter that lets both friends and family stay updated on your three sons, as well as what you and your wife have been up to. This year, however, your schedule has been crazy, so you are going with a Christmas in July announcement.

The letter started with our congratulations for your youngest son who has turned you and your wife into empty nesters as he graduated from college. Your lives will be a little more calm now that you will no longer regularly attend basketball, volleyball, soccer and ultimate Frisbee. Fortunately, you are not as nervous as you could be sending him off to college now that you know he is has strongly embraced his Enneagram 8 classification.
Know as Challengers, people with this personality type are essentially unwilling to be controlled, either by their circumstances or by others. Challengers fully intend to be masters of their fate because they are strong decisive, strong willed, practical, energetic, and tough minded. All of these are qualities that should serve your son well as he navigates the new world of living in a college dorm, while at the same time holding on to the morals that he has embraced during his time at home.
From parents who are getting ready to send their youngest children off to college to employees who are trying to gauge the strengths of new employees, the Enneagram platform can serve as a powerful and profound guide to understanding both personality and inborn traits. For your son, this trait also means that he will likely still be the one to lead his friends on a mudding adventure if there is one to be found, but he will also be the one with his Jeep Wrangler touch up paint kit taking care of a scratch caused by a careless driver in the parking lot.

Depending on Their Personality Car Owners Pay Varying Degree of Attention to the Detail of Vehicle Ownership

A few minutes in anyone’s garage can tell you about the owner’s personality. If, for instance, you find a line up of vehicle touch up paints you might be in the garage of someone who is known for paying attention to details. In fact, taking the time to order Jeep Wrangler touch up paint kits means that you are dealing with a person who not only pays attention to detail, but also someone who takes the initiative to fix things themselves.

Whether you have a son who is heading off to college for the first time with his own set of Jeep Wrangler touch up paint or you have a husband who has a shelf in the garage where he keeps the Volkswagen touch up paint next to the Mazda touch up paint next to the paint kit for your Dodge because that is the order they are parked in the garage, you do not always need a personality test to understand how the people in your family function.

Some people do show their personalities through the cars that they drive, especially when it comes to the paint colors that they choose. Did you know, however, that white has been the number one car color of choice in North America since 2006? This information, according to color marketing specialist Nancy Lockhart, shows that while there are some people who are willing to be adventurous in the color of the cars that they drive, an easy to keep clean color like white can overshadow the need to show a driver’s personality.

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