Moving Cross Country? Ship Your Car!

Vehicle transportation company

Are you moving cross country or overseas? If so, an easy and convenient way to move your car is to hire a dependable firm of auto shippers to transport your car to your destination. The advantages of hiring auto movers versus driving long distances yourself are many and obvious.

In the first place, you save money by shipping. It saves you all the time driving cross country, You can just ship your car and take a flight, arriving fresh and ready for your new job. You will be saving the money spent on at least four or five overnight stops. While driving cross country is a really fun thing to do when you have the time and the right company, driving thousands of miles when you should be focused on a new job or home is probably not the best idea.

Auto moving is reliable and safe

The U.S. auto shipping industry does $12 billion worth of business each year. People rely on it for all kinds of reasons, to transport their vehicles long distances.

Auto shipping is also surprisingly affordable. It costs approximately $550 to ship a car or light truck from Houston to Chicago, a distance of 1,084 miles. To ship a car from New York City to San Francisco, a distance of 2,916 miles, costs about $1,000.

And if you have a flexible schedule, you can take advantage of seasonal variations in auto moving rates. Auto moving costs more in the peak summer months and shipping rates can be $200 to $300 higher in summer than in the winter.

How to prepare your car for shipping

Your car must be in operable condition with doors and windows and brakes functioning properly. It should be clean and will be inspected before shipping. The gas tank should be between one-fourth and half full, and all all extra electronics, personal items, antennae etc should be removed. While most auto movers require the car to be empty, some companies will allow 50 to 100 pounds of cargo.

The pre-loading inspection is an important part of the process and you or your representative will have to be present, and sign the bill of lading which confirms the condition of the car at the time it is handled over to the shippers.

And…that’s all. Just a few easy steps and your car will be on its way to the next stage of your life.

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