Looking to Get More Out of Your Car Tires? Here’s How To Do It

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It’s nice when things last for a long time, whether it be a relationship, a computer, or the leftovers you’ve been saving in the fridge for the last two weeks (on second thought, you might want to give that a sniff before trying it). It’s easy to make things last if you take good care of them, and when it comes to expensive products, you want to make sure you get your money’s worth. Car tires are something we don’t often pay much attention to, but if you ignore them you may find yourself buying new tires more frequently than you should have to. Here are some tips for extending the life or your vehicles tires:

  1. Air Pressure – It is important to check the air pressure of your tires every 3,000 miles or so. Pay attention to the recommended air pressure, which you can find in the owner’s manual that came with your car. Underinflating and overinflating can both be driving hazards, and both can also cause more wear and tear on your tires.
  2. Tire Rotation – You should have your tires rotated about every 6,000 miles, or as often as your owner’s manual indicates. The treads on tires can wear down at different rates, depending if they are on the front or back or left or right of your vehicle. Rotating tires evens out the amount of stress each tire experiences.
  3. Slow Down – Driving too fast on the highway can reduce the life of your tires significantly. Driving at high speeds creates more heat, which can cause damage to tires. By reducing your speed on the highway, you can increase the life of your

Taking a little extra time every now and then to care for your tires can make them last that much longer and can help reduce your auto repair costs. While it is nice to get extra mileage out of your tires, it is also important to replace them when they are worn down. When you notice that the treads are worn down or you hear a screeching noise coming from your tires, it is time for new tires. If you can’t change them yourself, auto repair shops can easily put your new tires on for you. Get more here: www.creechimport.com

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