I Want To Buy A Used Car What Should I Know First?

Pre owned cars

Ready to finally search for used cars for sale? You’ll want to keep reading. Vehicle neglect is one of the most rampant issues facing modern Americans today, for a variety of reasons, and sees both the country at large and individuals losing thousands of dollars every year. When someone doesn’t double-check their brakes before going out or neglects to install winter tires when the cold season hits, the ramifications can be felt by everybody on the open road. Check out the comprehensive list below before you go to your local auto sales shop. From car care to lesser-known facts, a little knowledge will go a long way in creating a responsible vehicle owner.

Did You Know?

Starting off the list with some lesser known facts — did you know the average vehicle will have at least three owners in its lifetime? Used cars for sale are easily the most popular option for individuals and families who need to buy a car, both for the affordable price and the consistent quality at the average auto dealer. In fact, over half of all cars and trucks on the open road actually come from used car dealerships.

Tire Inflation And Brakes

A car needs to be regularly checked to function properly, whether it’s brand new or a used model. Brakes can last anywhere from 25,000 to 50,000 miles depending on the frequency in which it’s used, though you should check the specifics of your manufacturer to stay on the safe side. If you hear your brakes making strange noises or they don’t seem to react as quickly as they used to, that’s a sign they need to be checked. Even the slightest delay with your brakes can increase your risk for an accident, so be careful!

Transmission And Tire Rotation

It’s been found automatic transmissions outnumber manual 10 to 1 in the market for used vehicles in the United States — three out of four automotive transactions in the country will involve a previously owned vehicle. When it comes to your tires, it’s essential to make sure the rotation isn’t off. When your tires’ tread has worn to 6/32nds of an inch or less, it’s time for them to be replaced. Consistent tire rotation, however, can ensure that your tires aren’t unnecessarily stressed whenever you’re driving.

Additional Tips

Last, but not least, let’s discuss a few tips on saving money when you find used cars for sale. Did you know consumers lose as much as $4 billion every year to odometer fraud? The average rollback is 15,000 miles, though this number can climb even higher when unchecked. Depending on your provider, you can save as much as 5% on your car insurance premium simply for equipping all four of your winter tires when it starts getting cold. The Car Care Council says that timing belts should be replaced anywhere from 60,000 to 90,000 miles, but double-check your owner’s manual to be sure.

Finding A Used Car For Sale

Used cars are just as efficient, if not more so, than a new model. The price is a lot more affordable for the average American while still maintaining quality — every used car goes through rigorous inspection and repair to make sure it’s good enough to sell, after all, so you can lay any concerns you have to rest. According to an Edmunds survey, the first quarter of 2015 saw a total of nearly nine million used vehicle sales. The most commonly searched for price range for a used vehicle is around $5,000, as well. Now that you’ve done your homework, you’re more prepared than ever to find the car you’ve always wanted.

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