How to Use Towing Pintle Hooks

If you use your vehicle to tow multiple different trailers, you may want to upgrade your towing system. Traditional ball hitches work well for lightweight trailers, but hooking them up can be tricky and time consuming. The trucking world has long since abandoned these hitches in favor of pintle hooks, and you can do the same.

If you’re interested in pintle hooks, watch the video posted here for a clear demonstration of how they work and their many benefits.

Video Source

Pintle hooks or pintle hitches work very differently from ball hitches. They resemble bird beaks and they are designed to close around lunette rings on trailers. This does mean that you will need to replace your vehicle’s hitch and the connection points on your trailers.

In exchange for replacing all of your trailer connection parts, you get a superior system when you switch to pintle hooks. The video clearly demonstrates how easy it is to hook the lunette ring over the pintle hook. These systems have very few moving parts and are exceptionally durable. They can also be used on very heavy trailers, including trailers up to 100,000 pounds in weight. If you’re ready to upgrade your vehicle and trailers, installing pintle hooks is a great place to start.

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