How to Tune Your Car Without Singing the Wallet Blues

Volkswagen maintenance

Ever feel like making a decision on which car repair shops to use can be overwhelming? The truth is, it can be. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are an estimated 701,100 automobile mechanics in the U.S, and the industry generates $58 billion dollars in revenue annually. Meaning that you have a ton of choices to choose from, and that there is a strong potential to over spend at car repair shops that may not be trustworthy.

So,how do you go about finding car repair shops that are both reputable, and affordable? There are a few ways to do it. First, consult the web! The web is one giant reference book. It’s easy. If you’re looking for auto maintenance services for a particular make or model, like “audi repair” for instance, there are any number of search queries you could use to find a reputable repair shop. Try “audi maintenance” or even a longer thread like “where can I service my audi?”. Not only will a ton of local businesses come up, but chances are, reviews and pricing for most of the local car repair shops will also surface in the web results, helping you to make a more informed decision as a consumer.

The second, and perhaps most reliable method is to use word of mouth. Most people who have had a negative experience with car repair shops (or really any business) will be willing to talk about it. Ask family members, friends, or even an acquaintance who drives a similar make and model for some suggestions.

Finally, if you are still unsure on where to service your vehicle, you can always take it to a dealership. Ultimately, your dealership may be aware of nuances about your particular vehicle that not all mechanics may be aware of. For instance, all Audis and Volkswagen vehicles have sealed, non-serviceable transmission fluid, which means only a special computer system and tools can be used to change or top off the fluid. Foreign car repair may be difficult for a mechanic not possessing these special types of tools.

Selecting car repair shops can be overwhelming. Did you know there are an estimated 87,032 auto repair businesses in the United States to choose from? Making an informed decision as a consumer doesn’t have to be difficult if you are armed with information. Consult the web for reviews and pricing, and talk with friends and family for honest reviews about car repair shops they may have used in the past. Your car will be like new in no time! More on this:

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