How to Take Care of Your Forklift

If you’ve ever been in the trucking industry, or worked a truck job unloading pallets, then you are very familiar with forklifts. Forklifts are crucial tools for workers all over the world, and provide heavy lifting services that few machines can match. When you’re working with a forklift, you need to get a certification in order to operate it, and for good reason. Forklift reach incredibly high, and can be dangerous if not used correctly. In addition to proper use, forklifts also need regular maintenance in order to run to their full capacity.

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In this video, we will look at how a routine maintenance check on a forklift should play out.

Whether it’s examining a weird sound or adding some forklift replacement parts, you need to give your forklift plenty of attention as the years go by. This expert has been working on forklifts for 30 years, and has plenty of great advice to share. First, the mast, brakes, horn, and lights are given a manual check. These four functions are crucial to a forklift’s job. Greasing the unit and changing the oil are more important steps to the forklift maintenance check.


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