How to Sell Your Junk Car

Are you interested in how to sell junk car? You may have a junk car that you are ready to get rid of, but who do you sell it to and how can you get the most money possible when you od sell it? In this video, a car expert goes over some great tips on how you can sell your junk car for the most possible money.

One of his first tips is to get shiny hubcaps to put on your wheels. You can buy cheap ones from your local auto shop and you can make a lot more money back when these are on the car you’re trying to sell.

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This can help your car look shiny and beautiful even if it isn’t the best. This car expert states that the shinier and better looking your car is inside and out, the more money you will get. So, take your car to a detail shop who will deep clean the inside of your car and wash and wax the outside. You will be thankful you did.

Watch this entire video to hear about all of the ways you can try and get the most money possible when selling your junk car.


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