How to Maintain Your Mercedes-Benz

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Whether this is your first, second, or one in a series of Mercedes-Benz purchases, you know that you have a quality vehicle with a prestigious reputation. Were you aware that in 2013 alone, Mercedes-Benz sold 312,534 vehicles? Historically, this represented the company’s highest number of annual sales.

Keeping Your Mercedes in Top Condition

Since you want to keep your Mercedes-Benz in top condition, it’s important to refer to your owner’s manual on a regular basis. This manual provides recommendations for factory tune-ups as well as other important information.

On a weekly basis, it’s important that you check these fluid levels:

    Oil levels
    Coolant levels
    Washer fluid levels

Follow Regular Scheduled Oil Changes

If they’re not already installed in the Mercedes, many owners choose to change to synthetic oils. Whether your Mercedes has traditional or synthetic oil, it’s important to follow this schedule of manufacturer recommendations for changing your oil:

    Synthetic oil: Every 7,500 miles of six months
    Traditional oil: Every 5,000 miles minimum

On a monthly basis, you should check these essential car fluids and functions:

    Power steering
    Brake fluid
    Transmission fluid

Caring for Your Tires

Every six months, It is recommended that you should rotate and balance your tires. Rather than waiting to have your tires inspected for wear-and-tear when you have them rotated, it’s important to inspect them on a regular basis.

Maintaining Your Mercedes’ Finish

If you’re not sure about the finish on your Mercedes, you can run your hand along its surface. If it doesn’t feel smooth, then you may have bonded contaminants. Make sure your hand is clean and dry when you do this, too, to ensure that you’re not feeling residue from your hand rather than the car’s surface.

It’s important to wash and wax your Mercedes on a regular basis. This will assist with preventing dirt and road chemicals from adhering to its surface. When these types of particles adhere to the surface of your car, they can cause oxidation and damage the paint.

Purchasing Original Mercedes Parts

When it becomes necessary to buy original Mercedes parts for your car, it’s important to contact your dealership directly before making a purchase. One of the major reasons for this is because some engines and transmissions are constructed with unique combinations; hence the parts that you need will be unique to those combinations.

Prior to purchasing original Mercedes parts, you can confirm the specific part number with your dealership. In this way, when you purchase Mercedes Benz replacement parts, you will have the correct part rather than making an unnecessary purchase. Furthermore, you will be certain that the part you are receiving is a genuine Mercedes part.

Since modern supply systems such as barcoding and part numbering have streamlined the part-ordering process, it has made it much easier to locate the parts you will need. Furthermore, you may also be able to locate this information in your Mercedes-Benz manual or manufacturer website.

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