How Much Does Detailing Your RV Cost?

Are you curious about the price of getting your RV detailed? Various factors determine the price. For example, your location, the size of your RV, its condition, and the level of detailing you need. The YouTube video explores the cost of detailing RVs and what you can expect from such a service.

It’s All in the Detail

Detailing companies determine the cost of an RV detail per square foot. The average range per square foot is between $10 and $65.

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It’s important to note that more extensive detailing may include specialized treatments, such as upholstery treatment, waxing, and interior cleaning, among other services. This level of detailing may range between $200 and upwards of $900, depending on the RV’s size.

The key is understanding what an RV detail includes. Typical services may include exterior washing, waxing, polishing, interior cleaning, treatment, and polishing. Remember, different agencies will charge different prices. You may want to get a few quotes and ask each agency for a breakdown of their quote. Then, select the one that meets your budget and cleaning requirements.

Detailing RV’s may cost a pretty penny if you have a particularly large one. By understanding the cost of each service, you can find a service provider that meets your needs. A detailing RV service is an investment in your property that will help prolong its life.


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