How Car Auction Software Revolutionized Auto Auctions


Dealer auto auctions are one of the most effective ways companies that sell used cars or used auto parts are able to purchase products. A smartauction is one that is broadcast live on the internet, which allows many more people to participate. Online auto auctions have gained popularity in recent years because they integrate technology with traditional auto auction formats, which means they are overall a better way to bring buyers and sellers together. There are lots of benefits of these new, highly advanced auctions, and here are some of the most notable ones.

  • Fast updates about sales

    Auctions move very quickly and people are constantly making bids. Whether you’re at the auction in person or you’re participating from a remote location, it’s easy to sometimes get distracted for a few minutes in these fast paced environments. Live auctions utilize car auction software that gives up-to-date information on the cars that have been bought and sold. Users can quickly scan the car auction software to see what the latest events are, and they can change their bids and buying plans accordingly.

  • Anonymous bidding

    Bidding over the internet allows buyers to remain anonymous. This is important because car dealers are often bidding against their competitors, and they might not want these other businesses to know what they’re planning to buy. Simulcast auctions allow people to compete anonymously against auction hall buyers, which means no one will know how a business buys cars and what their plans are. This protects the integrity of the sale and gives anonymous buyers an advantage when it comes to protecting their business’ sales.

  • Convenience

    Bidding on a live auction used to mean significant travel, because auctions are held in various places and buyers would travel to them. Buyers were required to leave work and spend lots of time driving to the location, but this is no longer needed with modern auction technology. Users can compete in auctions from the comfort of their home or work, so there’s no need to waste time and money on travel expenses.

  • Increased attendance

    There are still those people who travel to participate in the auction in person, but the fact that online, remote participation is possible means that more buyers and sellers can come together. Buyers from all over the world can participate in a single auction, and more buyers means a greater demand for cars. The greater demand drives the prices down for everyone, and also attracts a greater number of sellers who recognize the popular auction as a place to make lots of sales.

  • Fewer cost barriers

    Car auction software removes some of the traditional costs associated with auctions. Usually there is a cost required to rent a physical location to meet and hold the auction. This location requires electricity, heat and other utilities. There is a requirement for an additional space to hold cars while they are waiting to be bought by companies. These costs are removed with advanced online auctions. Instead of having one central place to store cars, buyers and sellers can both participate online and the cars can be transported directly from the seller to the buyer. This saves everyone time and money, which makes it easier to participate and more profitable for both buyers (who pay lower prices) and sellers (who make more sales).

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