How Are Car Doors Made

Car doors are an integral part of how cars work. Many companies create them using a variety of methods. The process starts with a sheet of metal which you can cut with a laser to make the right shape for the front or back door. The video “How It’s Made – Car Doors” explains how to make car doors.

Once you cut the metal panels, fold them into a basic form and weld them. You can do the welding by hand to put a moveable car door on the road, but plants have an automatic welding process.

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You then assemble car doors into panels then ship them to the auto parts fabrication company. One method involves welding steel plates together to create an aluminum-and-steel structure.

The firm fabricates the frame of the car door. In some cases, glass is affixed onto this frame to create a car door with glass windows. You can find glass segments in some cars with partial or fully-enclosed doors. After constructing the structure, the auto parts fabrication company bolts them together, ready to fit into place on finished vehicles.

The experts then mount car doors on frames that go into the car to install the car door mechanism. Manufacturers test the doors for safety during the manufacturing process. They also assess the doors after installation on each vehicle. Doing this ensures car owners get quality car doors.


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