Hail, Wind, Fender Benders Buffing Out Your Car’s Scratches With Your Own Do-It-Yourself Paint Kit

It’s the most wonderful time of year…that is, if you like hail, mud, and fender benders leaving scratches in your car.

With Infiniti touch up paint, however, you can be rest assured a bad day won’t turn into a bad month. Car owners today have quite a few options when it comes to customizing their vehicle. Not only can they buy car kits to transform a standard model into a race car, they can also look into a car touch up paint kit to buff out dents and scratches. Learning how to use your Acura touch up paint takes a little work, but it’ll save you both time and money during an already expensive season. Sound like something you’d be interested in?

Take a look below to learn about the Infinity touch up paint kit (and all its model specific derivatives) so you can put some power back in your hands.

The Auto Body Industry Is Doing Well

You won’t have to worry about finding the right Mercedes touch up paint. The auto body industry is filled to the brim with unique and applicable options to keep your car looking gorgeous year-round. The auto body industry today is valued at nearly $43 billion, with the self-help sector seeing significant growth these past two decades. Deep paint scratch repair can cost a car owner between $300 and $3,000, depending on the amount of damage. Saving yourself some money is as easy as picking through your automotive touch up paint kits.

Find The Right Paint For Your Model

First things first? Pick your color and model type. Color marketing specialist Nancy Lockhart determined white to be the number one car paint color in North America — the auto body industry refers to white, black, gray, and silver as neutral shades. All touch up paint kits come with specific details to ensure you’re not accidentally layering on an off-shade color on your car door. Learning a little more about how car scratches are identified can also give you an idea as to what you can expect with your first paint job.

Learn About Car Scratch Identification

You wouldn’t use a pound of paint to patch up a scratch. Car paint scratches are classified under several levels to prevent you from wasting too much product or creating an uneven finish — you have level 1A, level 1B, level 2, level 3, and level 4. Level 1A is the smallest and most shallow, while level 4 is the most extreme and will need extra care and attention. Home and vehicle insurance claims linked to hail and wind storms have accounted for nearly 40% of all losses over the past five years.

Apply A Strong Primer First

When applying your Mercedes Benz touch up paint you need to first clean the area and make sure there’s no debris or dirt to affect the application. Primer is designed to give the paint something to ‘cling’ to. Clear coats on cars are usually one and a half to two milliliters thick, too, to protect the paint’s integrity. Once the primer is fully dry you can then sift through your paint colors and start applying your first coats. Keep in mind your Infiniti touch up paint kit’s thin coats will look better and last longer than one thick layer.

Use Several Thin Coats Of Paint

Just like you should wear multiple thin layers in cold weather rather than just one jacket or thick pair of pants, so too should you apply multiple thin coats of paint. This gives you more control over the application and an end result that will mimic the rest of the paint better. Nissan touch up paint, Ford touch up paint, and Infiniti touch up paint can only do so much. It’s through a careful application and a little patience you’ll be able to pretend like the scratch or scuff never happened in the first place.

Winter should be a time to enjoy yourself and relax with family. Keep the frustration at bay with an Infiniti touch up paint kit.

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