Four Tips for Finding the Best Deal on Mercedes Parts

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Do you own a genuine Mercedes Benz? There is good reason that Mercedes has such a great reputation. However, you probably already know that prices for maintenance and repairs on your Mercedes are not cheap. Certified Mercedes dealerships require that their technicians go through a specialized school after they graduate from their general tech schools; this means that your car is in great hands, but the price tag matches the service provided.

If you are fortunate enough to know how do your own maintenance and repairs on your Mercedes, you can save quite a bit of money. Doing your own repairs means you are only subject to the price of Mercedes Benz parts themselves, and not the expensive labor that goes along with it. However, you probably already know that the cost of Mercedes parts is also higher than your standard car part.

To help you save some cash, we’ve put together a list of tips for buying Mercedes Benz parts to do your own repairs:

  1. Measure twice, cut once.

    Verify the part number you need twice or thrice before you buy any parts, especially from a private seller or dealer who doesn’t accept returns. Your Mercedes dealership should be willing to verify the specific part number you need, even if you are not using them for the service. This step is extremely critical for Mercedes, because their parts are unique to the specific engine and transmission combination the car has and putting an even similar part in can impact the computer, modules, sensors, and so on.
  2. Look in your local area first.
    There are hundreds of online providers who might have your part, and we have some tips for buying parts through them. However, buying parts locally may be your best option. Buying parts online makes you be subject to shipping and insurance costs, which adds up with a large car part. Also, by buying parts locally, you have the benefit of picking it up the same day. Buying them online take several days at best; if your part is overseas, it can take over a month to reach your hands.

    Even if you don’t make the purchase online, using the internet to find the part is still a great approach. For example, if you are located in Florida, try searching “Mercedes parts Miami” to identify sellers nearby you. If you do not specifically live in Miami, by searching “Mercedes parts Miami,” you can make contact with local vendors who are within diving distance and avoid shipping costs. Not to mention, a Mercedes parts provider may be more likely to list “Mercedes parts Miami” in their online descriptions over a smaller town that gives them less search engine traffic.

    This also gives you the chance to find private sellers who are parting out a Mercedes Benz, or just have extra parts for far cheaper then you could get from an official dealer. Although you may get mixed results, broaden your search net by searching “Mercedes parts Miami” in both Craigslist and general search engines like Google to increase your chances of finding what you need.

  3. If all else fails, buy online.
    If you’re looking for vintage Mercedes parts, you may have particular trouble finding a local provider of it. Thankfully, in the modern age we live in, there are millions of parts available at your fingertips through the world wide web. We urge you to only use a reputable source for buying Mercedes parts online, since online scams are an unfortunate fact of life when purchasing expensive car parts. A few great sources for Mercedes parts online our and eBay. If an eBay seller doesn’t have an established reputation, you are able to file a dispute if you don’t get exactly what you ordered.
  4. Always search for coupon codes.
    If you’re buying a Mercedes part online from a reputable parts dealer, do a quick search for discount codes the seller offers. In fact, with a discount code, you may find brand-new Mercedes parts that are within the same price range of the cost of buying them used from eBay or a junkyard, plus they come with a warranty.

Do you have any other tips for acquiring Mercedes parts? Please share them in the comment section below!

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