Finding the Right Used Car Deal Is an Important Goal for Many Families

You are about to pull the trigger on a car for your youngest daughter. Before you did, however, you made one last plea through emails, texts, and phone calls to see if any of Facebook friends had a reliable smaller vehicle in the $3000 range they are trying to sell. Fortunately, one of your cousins responded and you are now the proud owner of a 2002 Nissan Altima with about 67,000, that you only had to pay $2500. I was going to post tomorrow. Your cousin’s mother in law owned and drove this car until she passed. It has also been driven by a couple of other teenagers for a few months. It is in great condition inside and out, and was kept inside a garage most of its life.

When it comes to looking for used cars, unfortunately, not every buyer has a cousin who has a mother-in-law who . . . you get the picture. For those buyers who are trying to find pre-owned cars for their new drivers, but do not have a friend or family with one to offer, there is are several online car finder services that can be beneficial.

Car Finder Apps and Other Resources Help Connect Buyers to the Right Car

Whether you are looking for something for yourself or you want to be able to find just the right vehicle for a new teenage driver in your home, it is important that you consider all of your available resources. If you do not have a family member or a friend with an option, you could find yourself aimlessly wandering around car lot after car lot wondering if the details that the salespeople are sharing are true.

Fortunately, with a digital car finder resource you can often more accurately search the details of any car that you are considering. Some online car dealers, in fact, make finding this information pretty manageable. Consider some of these facts and figures about the latest trends in the used car buying industry and the role that it plays in the nation’s economy:

  • There were 38.3 million used-vehicle sales industrywide in the year 2015, the best annual tally in eight years, according to 2015 Used Vehicle Market Report.
  • Unfortunately, 20% of used car buyers do not take the opportunity to test drive the car before buying it.
  • If a buyer is planning to purchase a vehicle that is less than than years old, it is wise to consider one that is certified pre-owned (CPO).
  • Nearly 40 million used cars exchange hands each year between private party and dealership sales.
  • The average vehicle will likely have three owners in its lifetime.
  • The most frequently searched price range for a used vehicle is one that is under $5,000.

The day a child is old enough to get a driver’s license is a transitional day for many families. Knowing that you have taken the time to find the right vehicle for any new driver can make the transition less intimidating.

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