Finding a Reliable Brake Trailer Sway Control

Electric controllers

If you are looking to invest into a trailer, you want to make sure you understand the braking systems on them. There are currently two types of electronic trailer sway control brakes on the market.

  1. Proportional Brake Controllers

If you are looking for the most reliable electric trailer brakes on the market, this will be the one to steer too. This one of those brakes that works by sensor. It applies the same amount of pressure onto your trailer with the brakes that you apply to the car at the same time. This is important for reliable braking. If you don?t have a trailer brake controller like this one, you may risk your car swerving out on you. This could cause a major accident.

You want to avoid this from happening by ensuring you have brakes on your trailer that are able to sense the same brake force as your truck instantaneously. This is one of the more expensive of the electric trailer sway control brakes. However, the cost is okay to deal with when you know you are going to be safe.

  1. Time-Delayed Brake Controllers

The next type of electric brakes for trailers that is most common are the time-delayed brake controllers. These work by a preset intensity being set that are ?synced? alongside with your rate of application. These are the trailer brake controllers that require you to be careful driving because they need to be preset at the rate of your driving. If you have different driving patterns or you switch drivers often, time-delayed brake controllers can work against you. You will have to constantly update the information on the brake controller panel.

Choose Which One Is Best for You

It?s important to look at the pros and cons of both brakes. With the proportional brake controllers, you are guaranteed to have a really good sway control hitch that will help with braking more effectively. However, with time-delayed brake controllers, you can install them yourself more easily and they are more cost-effective for most people.

With this information, you can choose which one will work ideally for you. Each of the electronic trailer sway control brakes works differently and there are a few more being tested on the market. There may be even more effective electric trailer brakes hitting the marketing soon.

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