Find the Best Motor Oil for Your Particular Vehicle

Get oil change

Everyone who has a car uses engine oil, which is comprised of chemical compounds made of petroleum and non-petroleum sources alike. The oil keeps the engine well-lubricated, clean, and cool, aids in starting up the motor, staves off corrosion and rust, limiting friction and the occurrence of unwanted deposits in the combustion chamber. This is why it is so crucial to get the best oil change for my car possible.

And you can determine the amount of motor oil you have by utilizing the dipstick in the car. This way, if the levels are low, you’ll need to get more engine oil. The key is to know which variety among the different motor oil types is best for your car.

Unfortunately, too often when it is time to get an oil change, the used oil is dumped in an inappropriate fashion. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency reports that such is the case for 200 million gallons of the stuff every year. The astonishing truth–also reported by the Environmental Protection Agency–is that when just two gallons of this oil is recycled the right way, the energy saved is sufficient to power the electricity of the typical house for an entire day.

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