Crash Tests Need to be Modernized

If you get into a car crash, it could majorly change your life. An injury may keep you from working or doing the things that you used to love to do. If your car is damaged, you can take it to an auto repair shop. However, if you are damaged, there isn’t always much that can be done.

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You can see why safety is such an important factor amongst car buyers. However, the system we use for measuring safety is severely limited. In this video, you will see why.

The current test for safety consists of dummy crash testing and compliance testing. Dummy testing is slightly amusing as they experience brutal crash after brutal crash. They want to make sure different angles of collisions are tested and compare the results. Most cars are made to crumple around the crumple zone of the car. The idea is to have the car crumple to absorb the impact while the drive stays safe inside.

The issue is that these tests are severely limited. There are not enough variety of dummies to test the effect of crashes on different body types. In fact, it wasn’t until 2003 that female dummies were added to the crash simulations. Even so, these models are only smaller versions of the original male model. Even to this day, the models have been hardly updated. Meanwhile, Americans are changing. They are becoming larger and more overweight.


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