Clean And Comfortable The Necessity Of A Foam Mat In Your Car

Cutpile car carpet

Taking care of a car is a full-time job. A responsible driver needs to regularly change its oil, keep a close eye on its brakes and be mindful of any and all minor issues involving the engine. Likewise, a lack of oversight can cause many frustrating issues that can cost thousands of dollars of cleaning, which is to say nothing of increased danger on the road. Because of this, yet more vehicle owners are seeking out affordable and efficient ways of installing trunk mats or auto carpets, to better keep the vehicle clean (and its occupants healthy) all days of the year. Car flooring comes in many different shapes and sizes to accommodate varying car brands and the desires of the customer, from custom car carpets to embroidered floor mats. If you want to give your clients what they need, the first step is exploring all your options.

Why Keep A Car Clean On The Inside?

Did you know that a car is dirtier than a home? In fact, studies conducted by the GAP Enviromicrobial Services have shown it has 17,000 times more bacteria than the average residence. This is due to dirt and moisture that is regularly tracked inside the car, particularly during the colder seasons. A study by Charles P. Gerba, a microbiologist, found greater numbers of bacteria in cars that regularly carried children and pets — there was also a significant connection to bacteria in cars that often had food and drink spilled, as moisture and food provide a breeding ground for common forms of bacteria. Surveys have shown over 70% of drivers eating and drinking in their cars on a regular basis.

How Often Do Americans Clean Their Cars?

In spite of bacteria and grime accumulating in cars over time, many Americans don’t regularly clear out their vehicles and replace their truck mats. A study from the Aston University in Birmingham found that the truck, specifically, contains at least 850 different kinds of bacteria due to regularly carrying groceries or cargo. Similarly, this can lead to increased illness and lethargy during the winter months. Buying trunk mats and regularly cleaning them will go a long way in circumventing stubborn germs.

How Often Do Americans Use Their Cars?

Vehicles are used very frequently in the United States. Americans say they spend an average of 87 minutes per day in their cars, as well as a median of 60 minutes, for reasons such as traveling, going back and forth from work and running errands. Due to this constant usage, auto flooring takes a significant beating over time and can gather a host of germs if not checked once or twice per year. A good truck mat should fit easily into the interior of the car and offer a clean and reliable means of trapping germs.

What Constitutes A Good Truck Mat?

When the environment inside a vehicle is anywhere from two to 10 times more polluted than breezes over the freeway, auto mats can create a cleaner environment on a regular basis. This is particularly important for people with sensitive constitutions, low immune systems or severe allergies. According to a survey conducted by The Dohring Co., over 95% of respondents were concerned about the health effects of air pollution within their vehicle.

What Kind Of Trunk Mats Are There?

A car’s carpeting should be replaced if it’s 10 years or older, as a certain amount of time will eventually render the material unable to be cleaned any further. Due to the variety of materials and cuts, vehicle owners need a wealth of options to choose from — foam truck mats can be chosen due to their easy-to-cut material, while fleece trunk mats are popular for their resilient texture. Car manufacturers began to install mass backing as the standard back in 1990, though it’s still imperative to take a proactive approach to a vehicle’s inner cleanliness. With a good truck mat on your side, drivers will have one less thing to worry about as they live their day-to-day life.

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