Charter Bus Trips Are Like Field Trips For Grownups!

Charter bus lines

Do you remember being in school and taking a class field trip? How did you get to where you were going? If you’re like me, your fourth grade class couldn’t really afford the bells and whistles of air travel, so we used a chartered bus service. (After all, nothing says “field trip” like a bus!)

With a class full of kids, a coach bus was the only vessel that could hold everyone comfortably, but the sentiment still stands. You could fit upwards of 50 people in coach buses, which means that your next trip can be spent in the company of how ever many of your friends you can squeeze in a bus! And just imagine how cheap charter bus trips are when you split the cost with that many people. AND you won’t have to worry about bothering other passengers with your cacophony of camp songs. It’s a win-win for everyone!

A chartered bus can go pretty much anywhere, too. My old class ventured up to Niagara Falls, NY. But you could visit the grand canyon, the Adirondacks, the sunny Florida coast, you name it! And when you use a chartered bus service, you know that you and your whole group will get there while experiencing the amazing scenic views that only bus travel can provide. Not to mention there’s air conditioning and wifi. It’s like traveling in your living room!

Don’t wait to plan your next trip. Use a chartered bus service, and you can afford to be picky about your travel experience. Not to mention you’ll have enough room on board to invite your entire fourth grade class. As my old teacher would say, “Just don’t get too clique-y…” Just kidding. On a coach bus, there’s no way to form cliques! You’re all sitting together!

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