Best Way to Use a Van Wheelchair Lift

Learn how to control a van wheelchair lift from the video below. A wheelchair lift is also known as a vertical platform lift. It is fully powered and designed to hoist a wheelchair and its occupant to counter a vertical barrier.

Video Source

A van wheelchair lift is a convenient way for a wheelchair can enter or exit a vehicle. They are only compatible with full-size cars. Knowing how to transport wheelchair users is critical. Prior planning is crucial to guarantee safety for persons who use wheelchairs and other vehicle occupants. Van wheelchair lifts are available in different sizes.
A dealer can guide you through various options to ensure you get one that meets your needs without surpassing your budget. A van wheelchair lift is built to be installed inside a full-size vehicle for transport providers. Usually, it’s fitted at the side or rear of the car and folded when the vehicle is in motion. To bundle a passenger in the lift, you need to lower it to the ground. The outer barrier should be in place and fully extended. Worth noting is that the van wheelchair lift is designed to lift a standard weight. Do not operate it beyond the set load. The lift should only transport one wheelchair user at a time. Ensure it is tucked away when not in use.

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