Auto Insurance 101

If you are new to driving or are getting auto insurance for the first time, then there are probably a few questions you have encountered along the way. In most cases, these are also questions your local automobile insurance company can help answer. What are the basics of auto insurance though? Is there anything you must know? These are also the types of auto insurance 101 questions the attached video discusses, but remember, the only bad questions are the ones we don’t ask.

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So, don’t be afraid to ask the agent at your local automobile insurance company any questions you have, because insurance is all about being safe.

The attached video addresses questions like, what is a premium, what is a deductible, and what is the basic concept of auto insurance? New drivers and those who are getting insurance for the first time on their own also need to be aware of the auto insurance requirements for the state where they reside. Again, this might sound overwhelming or even a little intimidating, but these are also the reasons why we have automobile insurance companies, to keep us legal and safe. Don’t forget to watch the video, ask questions, and stay safe out there – and on the road.


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